Taxi Driver

This is a film that you are bound to know. It`s the highest acclaimed work of Martin Scorcese and one of the most famous films with Robert de Niro as the anchorman. Travis is a Vietnam veteran who suffers from loneliness and who can`t sleep. Therefore he works as a taxi driver. Being dissatisfied with his world, with his life, he goes a bit over the roof. He tries to start a romance with Nancy - an activist for a president elections candidate Charles Palantine, but fails miserably after inviting her to a cinema to watch a Swedish porn movie. Somehow it happens that she is not a fan of this type of movies. After that Travis buys a lot of guns and starts training for cleaning up the city of New York. Why does he do that? Just because he doesn`t like the scum of the city. And he even manages to shoot something like 4 people, and even become some sort of a local hero in the end. What is good about this film? I guess, the acting is quite good, the characters are realistic - especially the one portrayed by De Niro himself. But what`s not that great? At least I could see why this film could be considered that good - it`s level of tension is pretty low and it seems to go for a very, very long time. Maybe I didn`t get something but I wouldn`t call this a real masterpiece, just a good movie.
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