Lob der Provinz
book — Germany — 2001

Probably you have never heard the name of this writer. Neither had I. But now I know that Erwin Grosche is one fellow with a strange taste for humour. What`s good is that his taste is good. If it weren`t I`d probably never read a book like this. As a matter of fact under any circumstances I wouldn`t be a likely person to read a book like this. "Praise of the province"? You gotta be kidding me, why I never! I don`t find too much interest in local things, I`m a global person that wants blood of the nation on my hands etc. I`m not really sure what the genre for this book could be. It`s not a novel, probably. Or is it? It`s got something similar to a storyline, but no, not really. There is some weird diary that somehow ties the book together, although most of the texts in the diary don`t make very much sense. For example, what do you think about something like this one: "Today I slept so long, that this writing is the only thing I can note."? Then there are stories about some people that are all probably the same person. There`s one guy who likes to dress-up as a cowboy, and there`s one who stands at a bus stop and wins the world championship for people waiting at bus stops. Mostly harmless - that`s what you can say about the people of this book. It`s probably really a praise of the countryside or of the little towns, but I don`t care. To me it`s just a collection of funny episodes.
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