Fantomas and the Scotland Yard
film — France — 1967

When I was little kid, tinier than you, I used to like those Louis de Funes films where he made the funny faces and behaved as an idiot. So I think to myself - why not watch a film of his. Fantomas was one cult villain in Europe and USSR. I don`t really know why he was considered to be so cool, but he was. In this film he kills a Scottish rich man, takes up his place and offers the worlds richest men a bargain - to pay each a massive amount of their money (yearly) as the price to live. Not a bad offer, you say? Well, so do I. And a party for those rich man is organised at his place - Mr. Juve (de Funes) is also invited, and so is Fantomas` classic opponent journalist Fandore (Jean Marais) and his lovely chick. And the hunt for the red october begins. This film is probably considered to be a comedy with elements of action, but basically it`s just an action film that`s not funny at all. Probably, back in the 60s what you see here wasn`t considered to be cliches but I doubt that very much. De Funes`s manner of acting isn`t impressive, the plot is stupid as stupid it gets, and Marais looks like a James Bond. Damn, is this stupid!
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