Grieche sucht Griechin
book — Switzerland — 1955

There is a guy living in Switzerland who doesn`t drink alcohol, who doesn`t smoke, who never had anything to do with women, and he`s something around 40. He places an ad in the local newspaper telling that he`s a greek man looking for a greek woman. And unexpectedly his ad has an reply. He meets a nice woman who supposedly is just a nobody, but when he`s on the street with her he suddenly becomes a celebrity. They fall in love quickly, but even quicker the man`s life starts topsing and turning. Until the day he met her, he was just an under-bookkeeper, but suddenly the boss of the company whom even over-bookkeepers never meet invites him to his office and offers the position of a director of a whole department. He`s also appointed a high clerical position, and he still can`t understand what the hell is wrong with the world. So he marries the woman and finds out that she`s the most famous courtisane in the country and that every highly placed man around him was her lover more than once. He`s furious and is even ready to leave her and some radicals ask him to kill the president of the country what he`s ready to do for he`s lost his faith. It turns out that the president is a nice fellow, so they make up and he even rejoins with his greek woman, and everyone lives happily ever after. I liked this piece of grothesque, Duerenmatt truly is the master of writing.
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