Der Vorleser
book — Germany — 1995

This book was a sensation way back in Germany when it first came out. Why is that? For the obvious reason, of course. And what is the obvious reason - a guy of 15 having affair with a 36 year old former guard at a Nazi concentration camp. Actually I`ve had enough of those books about nazism - damn, there`s not much that hasn`t been already said and most of this stuff is just a repetition. What`s special about this teenie`s woman is that she likes people to read loudly for her - she did it with her prisoners near Auschwitz and she did it with this boy. And why did she like that? Because she couldn`t read and was ashamed of herself. Anyhow, I don`t care for non-reading war criminals, nor do I care for young boys with sexual problems. And I don`t care about this book either.
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