This is once again one of the most famous films Martin Scorsese ever did. Basically its a true story about a dude who`s main ambition in life was to become a gangster and he succeeded at that. Robert de Niro is one of the central figures in this film, just like in quite many other films Scorsese did. He`s still not the leading one - it`s Ray Lyota, who plays Danny. Anyhow, the film mostly reminded me of a mix between Coppolas "Godfather" and i-don`t-remember-who`s "Blow". As a matter of fact, most probably "Blow" ripped this film here off, but I don`t care. Visually the film is quite good, acting is top level, the dialogues are also good, but I don`t see how this can be considered a great film, IMDB top 30. A good, solid film but not one that stays in your memory for years and keeps coming up in the most unexpected situations. Oh, I forgot - the music is totally good, there`s even a song by "Cream" in the film.
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