30 No 1 Elvis Hits

Elvis is dead, and even I know it. But he was alive, and recorded some nasty rock`n`roll back then. Ok, not nasty, but rock`n`roll nevertheless. Of course, it didn`t take him too much to become a complete sellout and a Frankie Sinatra wannabe without the personality and the voice. But "(Let me be)You Teddy Bear", "All Shook Up", "Jailhouse rock" and many more of his songs are bound to last more than a lunch time, and the only remixed song on this album - "A little less conversation" is good in its form. What drags the collection down is the sappier part of his songs - something like "Love me tender", "Are you lonesome tonight", "Suspicious minds" etc. Some of those songs may not even be bad, but it ain`t music - it`s corporative shit. But man, you gotta dig that sound of "Hound Dog".
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