The Minotaur takes a cigarette break

The title is very promising indeed. The legendary Minotaur is living among us until today, he doesn`t eat virgins anymore, he`s become a cook in North Carolina, he`s lonely and his life is miserable. I guess, if the same story would be told about some simple man it would sound pathetically boring and uninspiring (ok, losers are interesting sometimes, as they are in "Sideways"). Minotaur has problems communicating with his colleagues because he can`t speak clearly through his bulls mouth. He ain`t very smart, but he isn`t dumb. He falls in love with a waitress named Kelly with very big breasts. The novel has quite a lot of sex in it, at some moments totally pointless. Overall this book isn`t really anything - it`s neither funny nor dramatic, neither pretentious nor minimalistic. I`ve surely read worse but I`ve read better as well. With the idea of placing Minotaurus in the modern wold much better things could certainly be done. So it has become just a boring pointless experience.
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