Gimme Shelter

A documentary about a tour the Rolling Stones did in the United States. The tour ended with a free concert for something like 300000 people which had the famous incident with the bikers "Hell`s Angels". Basically it was a stupid idea, and it basically is a stupid film. Why on earth would you have on a 90 minutes film about a concert where the Stones, Jefferson Airplane, the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Grateful Dead played on the same stage have only circa 45 minutes of music and no sign of the Dead on stage whatsoever? Ok, there was this violence part, that was interesting, but why would I need to see a lot of crap about how and why somebody made the Stones change the place of the concert, and what problems arose at any moment? Could the film makers have at least got some replies from the Stones why the hired those Hell`s Angels to be the safe guards at the concert? If they could, they did not do that. All they did was make a visually interesting piece of film - I mean there are many masterfuly filmed scenes, but there`s very little content behind it. There`s something like 6 songs done by the Stones, one by Tina Turner, one by Jefferson Airplane which ends with a fight, and one by the Burrito Brothers. The rest was just crap.
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