Shallow Grave
film — UK — 1994

This film confused me a bit. I found its title on the list of ten most funny British comedies. And I also found out that IMDB doesn`t consider this film to have anything to do with comedy but calls it a thriller. So I think to myself - why not watch this film? And I watched it. It turned out to be a thriller with some elements of a black comedy in it. Alex (played by Ewan McGregor), Juliet and Dave are looking for a new flatmate. They organise some sort of casting and lots of different are being mocked by the trio. Finally they decide to choose a supposedly nice writer, who happens to die in the apartment leaving a suitcase full of money behind. So our heroes decide to get rid of the body and keep the money. But they don`t know that a duo of killers is on the search for the dead man and that they kill everyone on their way. Because of him having to remove the legs and hands of the corpse Dave goes a bit crazy and becomes overprotective, whilst the other two people want to get away from him. In the end after having killed the killers Dave wants to get away with the money alone and stabs Alex, Juliet meanwhile kills Dave. So she gets away with the suitcase but not with the money. The ending is a bit ambigious - you can`t be sure whether Alex is dead or still living - he lies on the floor and is smiling and even talking a bit but nobody notices him. I did like this film, although it was no comedy for sure, but it was dark, it was dreary and it was daring.
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