The Gospel according to Pilate

The subject of what Pilate thought and did to Jesus has been used in lots of different books, and as for itself isn`t anything unmentioned before. But I already knew before this book that E.M.Schmitt is capable of creating very convincing stories. What I didn`t expect from this book was that it wasn`t a comedy or a farce based upon the birth of Christianity. It turned out that this book had two parts - Jesus tells about his own life until the last Thursday in the gardens, and after that the story is taken over by Pilate. The first thing that comes to mind about Jesus according to Schmitt is that he is loveable - much more than Jesus of Bible - he himself doesn`t have the faith to believe that he could be the Messiah. His closest friend is Judas, who`m Jesus asks to give him up to the law trying to save the rest of his people. To achieve that Jesus uses the same words that he does in the Bible - that`s one interesting thing that Jesus quite often in this book says what he says in the Bible but Schmitt brings a whole different meaning to those words. Pilate is also very similar to the biblical one - but it`s interesting to follow how he finds different explanations for the dissapearance of Jesus`s body, using the common logic but logic fails him every time. I guess, if the Bible was anything like this gospel, I would be much more of a Christian than I am now.
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