Harrison Bergeron
film — USA — 1995

It`s been almost ten years since I saw this film on TV. And now after a long waiting (I remembered about it something like a year ago but didn`t know what its title was), I finally saw it again... on TV! Actually on VHS which was recorded from TV but never mind that. The film is based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut (which I hadn`t read before re-watching the film) and tells about the world of tomorrow where all people are equal both socially, physically and mentally (oh God, there`s three aspects and not two, what am I supposed to do about the word "both"?), and in every other aspect. To achieve that marriages are designed to have average kids and the best mark at school is C. But Harrison Bergeron is a very bad student he never gets lower than A+ and has to stay in the same class for several years. Since he can`t be cured with the help of a little antenna attached to his brain he has to overgo an operation. But if he doesn`t want that he can join the real masters of America and remain as smart as he is. Only by doing that he loses his family and isn`t allowed to have any private life. This film isn`t a big budget one, of course, but I liked it anyhow. Out the actors only one of them made it big later - the guy who played Harrison later became Sam in LoTR trilogy.
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