The Pythons

It`s nothing but a documentary about the Monty Python comedy group as they do their latest (at that time) film called "Life of Brian". If you don`t know the film in question, you don`t know nothing. But still this documentary is interesting for itself - it has interviews with all 6 members of MPFC - they tell about how they came together, what they did after the end of the circus and what they do about this film. As one can certainly think all six of them (ok, probably five of them, if we count Terry Gilliam out who can only say "a bunch of water" or "it really pisses me off") are very intelligent fellows with a nice taste for satire and comedy (that especially goes for Michael Palin who ain`t the most satirical fellow around). Probably this film ain`t technically perfect but it`s funny, it`s interesting and we get to see a lot of probably the greatest British comedians ever.
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