Life of Brian
film — UK — 1979

I`m a real sucker for everything each of the MPFC members did. And how could I possibly forget to watch occasionally every of the films they did all together? Especially knowing that "Life of Brian" is my favourite film of theirs. Some people say it mocks Jesus, but actually it only mocks people that say that it mocks Jesus. Brian from Nazareth was born in a cowshed some 10 metres away from the real Messiah and at some stages of his life was mistaken for being one. He was just a normal patriotic Jewish fellow, who didn`t want to be no Messiah but who wanted to free Jerusalem from Romans. Every single scene in this film is a classic, starting with the three wise men and ending with crucified men singing "Always look on the bright side". I can`t even describe how great this film is, because otherwise I would need to quote the whole film. The late Graham Chapman is Brian, every other MPFC member plays a whole carriage of different roles, even Terry Gilliam who ain`t particulary talkative as you know. Anyhow if you haven`t seen this film you haven`t lived and you won`t know where your father put the little things that somehow get lost just the night before.
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