Monty Python`s Flying Circus wasn`t really about singing, but about sketches. Still in the fifteen years starting with the TV series until "The Meaning of Life" they created some beautiful music as well. Probably if it weren`t for the lyrics one wouldn`t care about these songs, although some of them are musically interesting as well. Let`s go through the highlights. "Always look on the bright side of life" is without a doubt one of the best optimistic songs about death, with some nice singing done by Eric Idle. "Sit on my face" is a military march with lyrics about oral sex, very patriotic indeed. "Lumberjack song" is cute, altough it starts a bit too slowly (quote: "I cut down trees, I wear high heels, suspendies and a bra, I wish I`d been a girlie just like my dear papa."), the way the choruses go bad when Palin sings about transvestitism is nice. "Penis song" gives different names for a cock, has close to no music accompanying the text. "Money song" is better than "Money makes the world go round" from "Cabaret". "Bruces` philosophers song" provides some unknown facts about philosophers drinking habit. "Medical love songs" is a romantic little piece about sexually transmissive diseases. "Every sperm is sacred" - how can one not laugh about catholics while listening to this great performance? "Brian Song" isn`t sung by one of the Pythons but the great film melody with the utter sillyness of lyrics provides a perfect combination of everything. "Meaning of life" is both deep and funny. "Galaxy song" doesn`t even need any commentaries. There`s only one major letdown in this compilation of 25 songs - it`s "Christmas in Heaven" which is boring and not particulary funny. But since the other 24 songs are in the category between good and superb I can just as well skip this disco crap.
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