The Time Machine

It ain`t the classic version of Time Machine from 1960, but this version was directed by a great-great-great-grandson of Herbert Wells. Not that it makes the film better or worse. But there`s certainly one thing about both of those films - filmmakers don`t follow Well`s vision about both Eloi and Morlocks not being particulary good. In this movie, for instance, Eloi allow Morlocks to use themselves as some sort of food only because Morlocks manipulate their minds. Whilst Wells had his vision about the working class living underground and transforming into some wild beings and the upperclass turning into upperclass twats with no brain whatsoever jumping around like bunnies and caring for nothing, those darned makers of film even let Eloi know common English and have the sign of "Tiffany`s". The hero loses his bride who`s killed by a robber and he creates a time machine to go back in time and save her, but she dies anyway and he understands that he can`t change the past but doesn`t understand why. So he goes to the future to have this question answered. Ultimately he ends up 800000 in the future in the world of Morlocks and Eloi (which have separated one from another after the Moon broke). The film has pretty good SFX, but apart from it it`s pretty flat, has quite a lot of plot holes in the size of a manhole, oh, and Morlocks look silly.
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