The Majestic

Jim Carrey used to do mainly butt jokes and silly faces. Nowadays he`s a somewhat respected actor in dramas. Not that this film here was respected. Basically it was a real flop for Mr. Carrey. And I got to admit that among his dramatic works - "Eternal Sunshine", "Man on the Moon", "the Truman Show" this one is certainly the least interesting. On the other hand it ain`t that bad either. Peter Appleton is a script writer for B-movies who suddenly is blamed for being a commie (that happens in the beautiful 1950s era of McCarthyism). He loses his job, his girl, gets drunk and has a car accident after which he loses his memory and settles in a quiet little town named Lawson where the former director of the local cinema mistakes Peter for his son Luke who died in WW2. He becomes the local hero and even has Luke`s former girlfriend Adele back, still his mind is a time-bomb and the government is looking for him supposing that he`s a top level communist. This film really is somewhat similar to "Mr Smith goes to Washington" with the exception that Peter isn`t a real hero, but a man from the middle of the road. The whole flick is a bit too melodramatic and the ending is predictable, still despite this film going on for 2.5 hours I liked it, `cos commie hunt is an interesting subject in deed.
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