The Pledge

I might have been a person that would think - Oh, this film has Jack Nicholson in it, he`s such a brilliant actor, I absolutely must see it! Or I might have been another kind of person that would think - Oh my god, Sean Penn - a brilliant actor - directed this film and he even got Jack Nicholson and Benicio del Torro to starr in his film. But in fact I watched it because its based on a novel by Friedrich Duerrenmatt. Sadly it`s not a comedy but a piece of crime/drama. And that`s not the thing I love Duerrenmatt for. Ok, I didn`t have no bad feelings because of this film being a thriller/crime movie, but it just didn`t work as well as it would be in the case of a comedy. So we have this retired cop (Nicholson) who has given a pledge to find the murderer and rapist of a little girl. The police find the supposed killer - a mad Indian but the old fox can`t believe that it`s the real killer, but after the guy commits suicide he has no way of prooving that the Indian wasn`t the guy he`s looking for. So he starts an investigation of his own and becomes too involved and partly goes crazy himself. The film was interesting to watch and until the very end I couldn`t know who the killer was, but actually it wasn`t more than a crime movie - and crime movies don`t sell like hotcakes in terms of rating points.
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