Jesus H Christ
music — UK — 1994

This is surely the most controversial album Chumbawamba ever recorded. As a matter of fact it is that controversial that it wasn`t even officially released and ended up as "Sssh" with all samples cut out. The genre of the music can`t be described precisely - the content is punk without a doubt but the form has nothing to do with that. It`s pop and it`s rock, it`s dance music and it`s a bit of hiphop. It`s spoken word and it`s a capella. You name it, it is it. I like everything on this record but I can`t deny that some songs really do shine above the rest. "Look - no Strings" is nice, but the best of all is "Bigmouth Strikes Again" - partly a cover of a The Smiths song but in fact it has very little to do with the original. "Stitch it" is just magnificient.
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