Football in the First Year of Mannen
book — Japan — 1967

Now that is a surprise even for myself - once again I`ve read a book by a Japanese writer. This one - Mr. Oe - is a Nobel prize winner (in Literature if you really didn`t expect that). If you know me you probably also know that authority isn`t authority to me. So he is a Nobel prize winner. Why would I think that Mr. Oe is better than the beggar I saw two hours ago eating cookies at the local supermarket? Probably because Mr Oe is a good writer. He created the story of Mitsu and Takasi - two brothers living in the Seventies Japan. Mitsu is the person from whose point of view we see the way story develops. He and his wife are dragged by Takasi to the village where the brothers spent their childhood. They come back to relive in some way the lives of their ancestors - Mitsu is the renewed his great-grandfather, a rich landowner, while Takasi is great-grandpas younger brother who lead a revolution in the First year of Mannen (1860). Nowadays Takasi starts training the local football team and makes out of his youth people that run over the local Korean supermarket. Still it ain`t 1860 and you can`t possibly win, and you don`t win at all. I read that this book is similar to the "Karamazov Brothers" by Dostojevski but I haven`t read that (I`m an ignorant punk) therefore it`s all I can say on the subject. The book i good, but not great. I wouldn`t give a Nobel prize for that but I wouldn`t say: "Shut your freakin` face uncle freaker!" either.
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