Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran
book — France — 2001

One of the stories E.-M.Schmitt wrote in his cycle of religions. As you can probably tell this one goes on the subject of Islam. Moses is a young Jewish boy who has no mother and almost no father (somewhere around the middle of the story his father really stops existing) who happens to form a relationship to a local shop owner Ibrahim who`s a Muslim living in the Jewish quarter and selling stuff all around the clock. As Moses becomes very attached to Ibrahim, so is Ibrahim attached to Moses. Ibrahim becomes Moses`s step dad and they go on a journey south to the place where Ibrahim lived when he was young. By his attachment to Ibrahim Moses slowly transfers from being a Judaist to being a Muslim, he even changes his name and when he meets his mom he refuses to accept her as her son but is ready to accept her as her sons (Moseses) best friend. This story ain`t as brilliant as the Christian one but it`s still very good.
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