Water Drops on Burning Rocks
film — France — 2000

I have absolutely no idea why this isn`t in the factoid already. Weird, I was sure it was here. The film has a script written by Rainer Fassbinder and it ain`t no surprise to a person who know who Fassbinder was and what this film is about. First, burning rocks are represented by a young lad that`s invited to visit a man who ain`t that young anymore. So they start talking and the older man seduces the younger one and they become lovers. The young guy had a girl he wanted to marry but it doesn`t work out because of the older man. So they live together and the young dude gets more feminine day by day. But then the old man`s ex arrives - a transsexual person that was a man once but changed sex so the man would want him/her again. The young mans girlfriend comes to visit him to free him from the Water drops. But she also gets seduced by the Man. And in the end the young guy commits suicide, but the old man has sex with the young girl and the transvestite. Happy end, indeed. I don`t really know if saying "i kinda liked this film" would be a good thing in the exact case, but it`s true. The film may be a bit too perverse for my taste but it doesn`t necessarily make it worse. Or does it?
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