Ilf and Petrov went on a tram

I`m not sure whether you know that already but the sum of all fears may be smaller than every seperate fear. Or of all good qualities. In this film for instance we have brilliant authors of the script - Ilya Ilf and Evgeni Petrov who wrote "The 12 Chairs" and "The golden calf". It has Viktor Titov ("Hello, I`m your aunt!") doing the directing. It has a majestic company of actors - Oleg Tabakov, Zinovij Gerdt, Lev Durov, Jevgeni Leonov, Vladimir Basov, etc., etc. And yet it is a piece of crap. This is supposed to be satyre. But it`s both dated and stupid. As they used to say: "You`re no fun anymore!" Commie mumble-jumble about how everything turns to be better, better and even better every day in the world of communism. How problems of today will be a past tomorrow. Most of the jokes fall flatter than a tyre on bike after it got executed with an axe. Ok, there are some moments of light but they are overshadowed by everything around them, and the shade is darker than the light in this case. It`s just pathetic, what a waste of talent this film can be. It was done in 1971 and apart from some nice camera work, a few moments in some of the "sketches" and very good actors there`s nothing, I mean nothing it can offer.
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