Limuzins Janju nakts krasa
film — Latvia — 1981

So, so, so. Latvian soviet cinematography? Does that ring a bell in your head? It does in mine. Back in those days Riga could produce something like 5 full-length motion pictures every year. Nowadays the number has reduced to something like 0. Ok, probably if you count films done by TV and not really made for the big screen but played on the big screen because there`s nothing better to offer, there are 0.5 films that are yearly made in Latvia. Anyhow I`m not sure that quantity provides quality. What can I say about this film? First, it`s a comedy and I never found my compatriots to be brilliant when it comes to humour. In this film an old woman has won a car in a lottery and some newly found relatives of her appear hoping to get it after her death. Still it doesn`t happen that easily. The film boosts some sentences that have since that time been used in every day life in Latvia quite often, and it does have some pretty edgy parts in the script. But it has a few flaws as well. 1) the film doesn`t start particulary dynamically - the first 20 minutes last at least for an hour; 2) it`s very, very, very predictable (because it does have its share of propaganda - not only soviet but partiotic latvian "jump around the bush as if you were a freaking pagan" as well and you can always tell the ending if you know the message); 3) the ending. There are some moments when you can laugh but overall it`s just not that good.
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