Aguirre, the Wrath of God
film — Germany — 1972

After having seen Werner Herzog`s film about Kaspar Hauser I knew I`d try to watch something else by this director. And Aguirre is considered to be his best film. Actually I didn`t get the reasons for that. Probably it is interesting for some people to watch an endless journey on a river where people are looking for the legendary Eldorado. Sadly there ain`t particulary anything going on. So, there is Aguirre, a military man who overthrows the leader of the expedition, names a stupid fatso the kig of Eldorado and lets most of his people die in hideous deaths. But even those deaths aren`t very entertaining. And nothing else in this film is. Boring! The ending was good though. I also must admit that the camera work is good, and maybe even the actors aren`t half-bad, but the pace of the film is just too slow for me.
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