Sputnik Sweetheart
book — Japan — 1999

Weird. I was absolutely sure this was already on the factoid but here I look and it just isn`t there. Strange. Anyhow "Sputnik Sweetheart" may have a perfect title but it`s not a perfect novel by any means. In fact it`s just a love triangle between a man and two women. Yet the fact is that the man is only sexually interested in one of the women, the other woman has no sexual life whatsoever, while the first woman has found out that she is a lesbian. Since I`m not particulary keen on reading about women desiring making love to one another (ok, that may be good on film... wait a moment, I didn`t say that... I`m not a pervert) "Sputnik Sweetheart" isn`t the book for me. Sugiko (that`s the lesbian one) goes with Meo to Greece and suddenly dissapears after she has told Meo that she wants her. After that the book gets a bit mystical, a thing not too uncommon for Murakami`s novels but it still doesn`t become one of my favourites. First, it offers very little new elements to the ones I`m already familiar with. Second, the content is a bit too sexual with Murakami going a bit too much in detail. It is true that I can tolerate more sexual content on film than I can in a book. I don`t really know why, probably because in a book you usually feel that it`s written by a middle aged person from the viewpoint of a young one, and you don`t get that much on film. Maybe it`s because films rarely dig that deep, they just stay on the surface and if something goes wrong it doesn`t go terribly wrong as it is with books.
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