book — Germany — 2000

Why on earth would I read a novel by an unknown German writer titled "Baikonur"? I do know that Baikonur is the place where Soviet spaceships got their start. So what? This former pilot named Beck after the death of his girlfriend (or was it wife, who cares) gets a real Sojus spaceship. But he doesn`t care about it very much, he just wants to find the place where the woman died. So he goes on a roadtrip to Hungary, where he knows she rests in a place starting with F. On the road he also takes a used car salesman, a young Czech woman named Jana and a female friend of his deceased lover. The story isn`t particulary interesting, nor is it particulary believable. One thing I totally didn`t get is why is extremely cold in Russia not far from Baikonur, since it certainly isn`t in the North, but probably H.Geyer knows more about temperatures than I do. I can`t really say that this book was no-good, but it wasn`t good as well. So you`d probably still say that it was no-good. Mainly it was second-class literature that you probably could read on a train or on the road to work (which is exactly what I did).
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