Galaxy Quest

Have you ever wondered whether there might be a place where your all-time favourite "Santa Barbara" heroes live in reality? Have you ever wanted to be dragged inside your TV just like it happened to Spiderman and Legally Blonde in "Pleasantville"? Have you ever wanted to have three buttocks? In fact I have not, but that`s not the question here. At first I thought this film would be a film version of "Space Quest" - a nice game for old PCs. But in fact it was a tribute to "Star Gate" - you know that TV series about some weirdos on a space ship (not "Pigs in Space" in case you hoped for it). Anyhow, the actors of this TV series called "Galaxy quest" have no good acting jobs nowadays so they do conventions and sell their autographs for peanuts, but everything changes when a race of stupid aliens arrives which has watched the series and believes that it`s documentary and not acting. So they hire the actors to help their civilization agains some evil bastards. As you can probably guess, this film is a comedy, not a particulary great one, of course, but as a matter of fact it does have its strong sides: it`s entertaining enough, it pokes fun of "Star Gate" (out of which I haven`t seen more than 5 minutes), and it was the right film for me to watch at the particular time when I watched it.
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