In America
film — Ireland — 2002

This film has nothing in common with "Unce Upon A Time In America", which on the other hand isn`t the same film as "Once Upon A Time In Mexico". This film is a story about an Irish family that moves to the States. The family consists of Johnny - the father, Sarah - the mother, and Christy and Ariel - the daughters. Inside all of them carry Frankie - the son who died at the age of five. Christy, the elder daughter, is the central figure in the film, because we partly see everything her way. She believes that she has three wishes from Frankie which will be fulfilled. The family struggles for the parents can`t find work as actors, Sarah is pregnant with another daughter but there seem to be medical problems with the unborn child, and none of them has got over Frankie. They encounter a strange artist named Mateo who becomes very much attached to the family. And then there`s E.T. from the film E.T., who`s also a symbol in the film. The film is a moving one, it`s not about surviving in America or the American dream, of course, it`s about grief, about loss and about love.
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