Speks no Tetiem
music — Latvia — 2000

Inokentijs Marpls is a legendary Latvian underground band. Surely it`s legendary only in Latvia and only among fans of underground punk music, but who gives a damn about who praises whom. It`s not like in the Bible where Noah begeth another person and another person begeth one more person and blah blah blah so much further. This was the first record the band issued in the format of a compact disk after something like 15 years of existence. I dare not say that all of those songs on the record are very good, I dare not say that the singer of the band has a great voice and I certainly dare not say that the song which features lyrics close to "Oh, your dick is your best friend" is very intelligent. But I dare say that this album has lots and lots of energy. And what more do you need?
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