Stealing Harward

Imagine a film that features the singer of "Stillwater" and Tom Green. What do you think would come out of it? Not much you say? Damn right you are. Ok, I gotta admit that this film is nowhere near as bad as "Freddy got fingered". On the other hand very few things are (on my factoid only "Son of the mask" and "Dorm daze" received that level of crappy rating). Anyhow, this fellow John Plummer wants to live happily with his girlfriend but it happens that he`s promised his niece to pay for her college, which is a thing he can`t manage because he hasn`t got that much money. So he hooks up with his dorky pal named Duff (played by T.Green) in order to gain some easy money, which can at best be done in the world of crime. Of course this film is a comedy, a silly one as a matter of fact. It has a lot of cliches in it, which also doesn`t make me wonder. Still I would consider this film at least average if there wasn`t for one thing I totally hate in movies because it`s just so lame that you can`t think of anything lamer than it - it`s a man being "loved" (physically) by a dog. Damn is it the most stupid thing that happens in about 50% of stupid comedies! And another one of those things is the stupidity of the main character who rather lets his fiancee think that he`s having an affair than tells her that he`s got this money problem.
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