American IV: The Man Comes Around

Although I have quite a positive attitude towards Mr Cash, I can`t call this record a particulary good one. Of course, it`s no problem to see that it was written and recorded by a man who wasn`t young and healthy anymore - in fact he died not so much later after the album came out. Therefore, for example, his cover of Nine Inch Nails "Hurt" is a great song, it`s powerful, no not really powerful, it`s a song of a dying man about hurting - you feel that Cash knows what hurt really is. But his own songs on the album aren`t that good. He also does a cover of Depeche Mode`s "Personal Jesus" which ain`t bad but ain`t that great either. And, of course, the cover of Beatles "In My Life" is much worse than the original but that`s no wonder, for it ain`t particulary easy to improve a Beatles song. From Cash`s own compositions the title track is probably the best one, but it`s not very mindblowing.
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