The full title of this album is "Arthur or the decline and fall of the British empire" but I`m too lazy to use that as a title. In case you wonder, Arthur isn`t king Arthur of the round table but an old British man who slowly approaches the end of his life in 1960s. I really don`t get how it happened that the Kinks aren`t revered as big as some of their contemporaries - such as the Beatles, the Stones and Engelbert Humpeldink. At least this album of theirs ranks up to the best rock music ever put out. It ranges a whole bunch of genres from slow and quiet romance like "Young and Innocent days" to the fast and furious "Victoria", from rag-timey "She Bought a hat like princess Marina`s" to avantgarde of "Australia". It has a majestic war epic "Some mother`s son" which concludes "Yes Sir, No Sir" army nonsense. It has great lyrics about whatever you want, excellent singing by the Davies brothers, untrivial melodies and everything else you`ll ever want from a rock opera (in case you call this a rock opera).
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