music — UK — 2002

This record came out when George was already deceased, yet from the album you`d never guess that its maker was closer to death than Latvia to being the poorest country in Europe. Yet Mr. Harrison still had quite a big share of optimism, which can be clearly felt in his music. In terms of style this is a mix of Traveling Wilburys with 80s Tom Petty. "Looking for my love" is some sort of Wilburys` "Handle with care" (or was it "The end of the line"). I can even imagine a video to it with Harrison and his pals on a train with their accoustic guitars. "Any road" has a good line "If you don`t know where you`re going, any road will take you there." As a matter of fact it proves which one was the central Wilbury. The only song that doesn`t follow the same pattern is the title track - a political song about being brainwashed. Yet towards the middle it loses its afression and also comes out as a Traveling Wilburys song. Not that it`s bad.
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