Talk to Her
film — Spain — 2002

This is a film that preceeded Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. How could the guy with Q at the beginning of his name otherwise thought of what was happening to Beatrice while she was in a comatose state? I mean a doctor using her as a whore for necrophilic rednecks is a good concept, and it probably can bring you some easy cash, but Quentin ain`t that creative himself to think of that without the help of some gay Spanish director who likes to make films about drags-queens bragging how cool it is to have both tits and a penis, and how guys love blow-jobs from a woman with a penis. Hey, there was this song "Your mother got a penis" by this techno-rap artist, who`s name I`ve sadly forgotten. Goldie Lookin` Chain - yup, I remembered it! Anyhow, Talk to her has no signs of drag-queens, or at least if there is one fellow who may be a bit sick, he at least never wears women`s panties in a way so the others could see that. Instead he stalks a girl and when she falls into a coma he becomes her private nurse at the hospital and imagines that they have a normal relationship going. That is, until he gets her pregnant, the dork! Then there`s another fellow who`s girlfriend is also in a coma after she was hit by a bull (she`s a bullfighter). A strange relationship starts between the two fellows. No, they don`t do kinky stuff with each other! The film is kinda good, not particulary the kind of cinema I`m interested in, but - yes, it is provoking, yes, it is beautifuly done, yes, I liked it. And, no, I don`t think that it is cool to have sex with a partially dead person, and I don`t think that the fellow - Benigno - was sane.
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