Under a Violet Moon

I guess nobody remembers nowadays that Ritchie Blackmore once used to do nasty stuff with his electric guitar, that he had no chance running away from screaming groupies with no other thoughts but what he had in his pants. Nowadays Mr. Blackmore is a man in his 50s who performs medieval music and doesn`t even care about what his former mates from "Deep Purple" are doing. And this is a record of his band - basically it`s Blackmore and his wife who`s last name if I`m not mistaken is Night. On this record you won`t find a single guitar solo, but you`ll get lots and lots of pretty melodies and you`re bound to enjoy Night`s voice. Highlights are the title track and "Fool`s Gold". If I`m not wrong "Wind in the willows" sounds exactly like Shane McGovans "The Fairly Tale of New York". As a conclusion I dare say that this record has probably no significant value but it`s fun to listen to.
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