Rain Man
film — USA — 1988

It`s been some 15 years since I last seen this film. Maybe less. But not much less. Therefore I partly watched it for the first time. A cast of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman is an impressive one (although back then Dustin was much more of a famous actor than Tommy-the-pretty-boy). Tom plays Charlie who after the death of his millionaire father doesn`t get what he expected and the money is left to his retarded (actually "idiot savant") older brother Ray whos existence he didn`t even know about. So Charlie kidnaps Raymond hoping to get some part of the money from him. Or he doesn`t kidnap him, `cos Ray can`t really be kidnapped. He`s weird, you see. And he can`t get away from his routine. The best things about this film are that it doesn`t get too sugary, that it doesn`t have a silly happy end or a really tragical ending, and acting is brilliant as you could probably guess. I also liked the song with the opening titles. Probably it ain`t the best film ever made but a very good one for sure.
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