The Commercial Album
music — USA — 1980

Those Residents were some fine fellows who surely had done their homework before recording an album. On this fine record the eye-ball like mysterious creatures calling themselves residents invented a brand new approach towards making an LP. Logically reasoning that each pop song is basically a repetition of verse and chorus they decided to dump the repetition in order to be able to put 40 songs on a 40 minute long LP. And with the release of this album in the form of a CD we get a whole 50 tracks instead of those 40. What`s not so great about the record is that the songs aren`t that catchy and that they rarely have both a verse and a chorus, and they for sure don`t have too many different instruments on those songs. I can`t really name any highlights but the bonus material where we get goofy versions of "Hit the Road Jack" and "Jailhouse Rock". I guess only particulary weird people would enjoy this album and listen to it on a regular basis, but as a historical document and as a weird adventurous record it does in deed follow its purposes. Not that I am likely to listen to it again... at least in the next few years (that`s why the rating ain`t particulary high).
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