Although this isn`t considered the best record by Sparks I do consider it their best. On this album we have a lot of superb tracks in the goofy pseudo-operatic pop-rock genre Sparks were so good at. While I find most songs on "Kimono my house" dull, it`s not the case with `Indiscreet`. My favourites are "Without Using Hands", "Get in the Swing" and especially "Tits". Yeah, "Tits" is one masterful song. But there`s not that easy to say what is a highlight and what ain`t. Because there ain`t even one track on this LP that I would rather skip than listen to. Mael brothers do have a weird approach towards singing but their approach isn`t bad at all. My favourite quote from the album: "For years tits were a source of fun and games at home/But now she says tits are only there to feed our little Joe."
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