Big Beat

Once again I`m not going for the obvious choice for the best Sparks albums. After having listened to few first songs of their debut selftitled album which is supposed to be groundbreaking, revolutionary, the epitomy of a whole of genres I found it badly listenable and unintersting. So I switched to one of their favourite records of mine- "Big Beat". This album definetely is musically much harder than "Indiscreet", both in terms of music and lyrics. There are such songs as "I want to be like everybody else", "I bought the Mississippi river" and "Everbody`s stupid" which leaves little doubt whether this is an in-your-face kind of record. Ok, Sparks still do the Queen-like glam stuff (which they already did before Freddy Mercury was born in Iraq in 1909 or wherever and whenever he was born). On this record you hear a lot more guitars and less piano work than on "Indiscreet", but that doesn`t mean that Sparks have turned into Jimmy Hendrix or whatever. "Screwed up" is one cool song. So is "I like girls". I`m not particulary fond of the closing "Gone with the wind" - which is weird, of course, but some parts of it seem to be a bit too goofy for a humble lad like meself. Still no other complaints can be addressed at this album.
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