Road to Perdition

I don`t know why but I thought a bit differently what this film was going about than what it actually happened to be about. To start with I never was a fan of gangster films (I guess I`ve already mentioned it on the factoid but I have no intention to check that up right now), and that means that I will never drool and rave about a certain piece of cinematic work only because somebody mentions the name of Al Capone in it, even if Al Capone was the greatest person of the 20th century. Neither am I wild about Tom Hanks. Ok, that`s no wonder for I`m not into guys. But I mean that Tom Hanks ain`t my favourite actor in the whole wide world. So in this film he plays a hitman who`s family except for one son is murdered by the son of Hanks`s boss. Since he doesn`t know a better way, Hanks goes on a mission of revenge. A bit similar to Kill Bill, by the way, only the boss`s son and Hanks were never lovers. So, the film is quite touching and it ain`t that brutal and it`s cool how Michael Sullivan (that`s Hank`s name) tries to save his son from ending up on a road to perdition. Yeah, that`s good that Michael Jr. never came to some revenge mission of his own. But the great depression and the whole thing about this movie don`t really fall into the category I`d call "mine". So that`s the point I`m trying to make.
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