A New World Record

To some people `Electric Light Orchestra` is a great band that recorded some superb albums back in 1970s. To some people it`s a disastrous group of misfits that recorded some shitty disco music in late seventies and early eighties and didn`t do much better afterwards. To me it`s just a band that performed a cover of Chuck Berry`s "Roll over Beethoven". Yet, they were no one hit wonders, and this album is considered one of their finest works. 8 tracks can be found on this album and each one of them has something to offer. No, I don`t mean to tell that this is something tremendously great or something like that, despite the fact that the music is overblown indeed, with whole lot of violins, classical operatic elements and the title of the album ain`t "Bananas" either. Apart from Chuck Berry those fellows are undoubtedly influenced by the McCartney side of Beatles, having some beautiful melodical ditties on this round plastic thingy. There`s "Telephone line" with that beautiful "Do-do-do-do-wa" part, then there`s "Livin` thing" sung in falsetto but with those nice violins that no Bee Gees could ever come up with. If you`re not that happy right now you can probably listen to "Shangri-La" although the Kinks did have a much better Shangri-La than those fellows. The opening "Tightrope" is a proof that I somehow didn`t notice that those "Traveling Wilburys" had much of Jeff Lynne (the leader of ELO) in them. You can never stop learning, you know.
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