Diary of a Genius
book — Spain — 1965

There aren`t that many people that openly proclaim themselves as geniuses and that probably ain`t lying at all. What undoubtedly is untrue though is the title "diary" given to this book for I`m pretty sure that the diary of Dali has less in common with a real diary than Phil Collins has with underground and alternative music. Not that the diary ain`t interesting, on the contrary Dali does write quite witty and pretty surrealistically as well. Which is no wonder for he really was a genius. There are several things Dali appears to like more than most people do, and those include farts and flies. In this book apart from the "journals" Dali proclaims to have written over the years I got a long essay entitled "The Art of Farting", which Dali claims to be written by some count Trubachevski, but who without a doubt was Dali himself. There`s some strange pseudo-serious text about flies as well. What was the most surprising thing about Dali for me is the fact that he was a romantic person after all - could you imagine a man of his ambition claiming that he loves his wife more than fame, more than art and even more than money? It`s weird isn`t it? Nobody has a doubt that Dali was a much better painter than a writer but at the second thing he was no slouch either. For instance the things he writes about his friends are so full of sarcasm that it`s no wonder the book broke his friendship with Louis Bunuel.
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