Barton Fink

Let`s stick with the Coen brothers, shall we? Way back in 1991 they made this film, which most critics seem to be mad about. They claim that the film was mostly influenced by David Lynch. Probably they`re on to something, but to me it`s still much more a tribute to Woody Allen than anything else. First, the hero. He`s played by John Turturro and is a thirtyish Jewish writer who goes to Hollywood and signs a deal to write a film about wrestling. A goofy Jewish person with a nerdy behaviour is pretty much what I`d expect from Mr. Allen and certainly not what I`d expect from the Coen brothers. Not that the film is bad, but it can be hardly described as iteresting or something you can`t stop to watch. Ok, I didn`t fall asleep during this film but I also managed that with "Radio Days". Ok, this film is better than "Radio Days", since it`s surreal and weird, especially weird it becomes when the woman Barton has spend the night with happens to be murdered in his bed while he was sleeping. But it`s surely not a film I`m likely to watch ever again.
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