Captain Beyond

Captain Beyond has absolutely nothing to do with Captain Beefheart, in case you wonder. No, it was a hard rock/prog rock outfit from LA which had Rod Evans of Deep Purple for the vocals (ok, he left "Purple" before they became really huge, but he did sing on "Hush"!), a guy who had played with Johnny Winter (so what? is Winter that much of a hero for me to know every ballsucking dickwad he used to play with? ok, probably I was a bit harsh about him but who cares), Lee Dorman who played the bass for "Iron Butterfly" on "In-da-gadda-da-vida" and one more fellow who seems to be an average loser not even capable of being tossed out from a band like "The secondhand Beatles". So, they all got together and recorded an album of jolly molly rock music, which is somehow marketed as progressive rock. To me it`s just your basically hard rock of "Deep Purple" without Ritchie Blackmore but with more emphasis on more complicated sound and a concept for the record. I`m not particulary interested in the concept, of course, since to me the record is an inoffensive collection of hard rock songs, sometimes spoiled by some silly sounding crap like the talking on "As the moon speaks the sea". Oh, I figured - this band is a mixture of "Deep Purple" and "Cactus". Listenable, but not memorable at all.
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