The Orchestra
film — Poland — 1990

This is the first time I encounter the fellow with the name of Rybczynski. Since my Internet connection is down at the moment I have no way of checking who he is/was and how much fame he has. This film, "The orchestra", is more of a music video than an actual film. It doesn`t have a real plot, it has no text and it doesn`t come off as trivial. The film contains several parts revolving around several pieces of classical music. There`s a part of old people waking up and being harrassed by a butler; there`s a part in front of a church with a whole lot of people playing the march of death, there`s a segment of boy/girl aging while walking along a long piano; there`s dancing in the Louvre; there`s a butler walking in the sky; there`s a couple flying in a cathedral and there are people going up a ladder to communism (probably I forgot to mention something but that`s not that important). The favourites of mine are the boy/girl sequence and the Louvre part. But the others aren`t half-bad either. This film is mostly for your eyes, of course, but it is done beautifuly without a doubt. The minimalistic camera work that rarely switches from one camera to another, but chooses sliding the same camera for quite a long time thus creating an illusion of a sequence being shot in one scene (which probably applies only to some layers of the sequence while others were added later on). The last part with the stairway is a bit overlong, that`s a thing I can`t deny, but otherwise I have no complaints at all. Watch it if you can! And if you can`t borrow it from me and watch it anyhow!
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