Back in Black

AC/DC is one of the meanest and toughest rock bands in the world. Who else could scream like those crazy fellows Bon Scott and Brian Johnson (after his death)? Who else could dress up in a school uniform like Angus Young? Who else could jump on one leg for an hour like Angus Young? Who else could sing about having "Big Balls" so convincingly as this band? No one, of course. "Back in black" was recorded in 1980 after Bon Scott accidentally died by chocking upon vomit (most people claim that it was his own vomit but you never know). So the Young brothers hired a new singer and recorded an album called "Back in black". If you suppose a record like this one would have a lot of sincere pesimistic songs, you`re more wrong than that guy who said that guitars groups won`t be a trend for a long time. The most famous songs on this record without a doubt are "Back in Black" - with such a cool riff that you`d kill for it, and it`s that much of a rocking song you`d never know from the title alone. Then there`s "You shook me all night long" - had this song on a casette called "Auto Moto Rock", and it surely is a song you can band your head to while driving on a speedway. And you can`t forget the opening "Hell`s Bells" which ain`t really a favourite of mine because of the long intro. "Shoot to thrill" is nice as well. Did you notice me using the word "nice" to describe an AC/DC song? But it`s true the songs are nice - a bit simplistic and cock-rocking but that`s no minus for a band like AC/DC. If you know your "Soft Machine" by heart you`ll probably never listen to those squeeky Australian fellows but in that case you`re a moron.
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