Die Frist
book — Switzerland — 1975

A dictator/tyrant is on his dying bed but neither his closest people nor his worst enemies want him to die too quickly - therefore a lot of doctors is working with him trying to keep the dictator alive for at least a few more years. The MP is the most important of the fellows around the dictator, and he is the most likely one to become the new number one in the country. Still there are two duchesses who also want to claim there part (their husbands are complete loonies that care about nothing but football). There`s also a jewish doctor that has come out of a concentration camp alive, has received after that two Nobel prizes but who doesnt even remember the nazi crazyasses he met at the camp and that now are among the most important men of the small country where the doctor resides. As almost all other works by F.D. this play is a combination of satire and drama, with a few mystic elements - including a peasant that`s only visible to the MP, and including a group of very old women that seem to immortal just because they hate men more than they hate death or something like that (they all die in the end though).
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