Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
music — USA — 1980

DK were undoubtely one of the most interesting punk bands in existence. Apart from being more intelligent and technically advanced than most of their peers they differ from bands like "Ramones" and "Sex Pistols" with being much more anti-establishment oriented than the already mentioned "Pistols" who basically were the "New Monkees". DK are agressive, Jello Biafra sings as if he had no teeth in his mouth but as is if the capitalists had ripped his guts or done something nasty to his grandma. Their debut record boosts a group of uber-cool, uber-agressive and uber-satiric songs: including "California uber alles", "Holiday in Cambodia", "Kill the poor" and "Let`s lynch the landlord". The first song of theirs I ever heard was "Kill the poor" which I had on some bizarre CD titled smartely "Best of rock". Back then I didn`t particulary enjoy this song, but nowadays I consider it one of the finest statements punk music has given to the world. Being so alternative the Kennedys still pay very much attention to making their songs stand out, with excellent memorable melodies and catchy choruses. They even do a cover of Elvis`s "Viva Las Vegas" without a doubt outdoing Sid Vicious and "My Way", because the band sounds so hardcore that I can even imagine becoming a fan of hard core punk music.
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