The Pillow Book

Peter Greenaway! Jesus, I watched another of this freak`s films. Is he gay or something? At least one thing`s for sure - never before had I watched a film with that lot of exposed penises as this one. It was a spectacular thing for sure. If I was a woman I`d probably consider this a perfect film, or maybe not. First it did bug me a bit - I mean all this Japanese stuff isn`t exactly my forte, my favourite cup of tea or anything like that. Later I learned to appreciate Peter Greenaway`s work. Choise of Ewan McGregor as the leading non-japanese was a very wise one for sure. As for the story, there`s this girl who had a caligrapher as a father and who wrote upon her face, and now she`s looking for the perfect caligraphic lover. She finds one in Ewan`s character but it`s she herself that turns out to be the writer and he - only the skin. As Ewan turns into skin himself things get a bit complicated.
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